“HOC-EST” represents the fuller Latin translation of the words of Christ, found in the Latin bible and in the Latin mass: “hoc est corpus meum” (This is my body).

These words are at one and the same time a phrase important to faith, important to history, important to theology, related to questions of philosophy and metaphysics, and finally represents the classical and theological languages with which I work.  So it is a phrase loaded with meaning which has been discussed from many different aspects.  It seemed the perfect fit for a Lutheran layperson, with diverse interests in theology, science, history, philosophy, and languages, dedicated to the completely dated theme of theology as the queen of sciences. 


All theological related work will be organized on the Theologia page.  This will include essays, translations, and other similar materials.  My language interests of Latin, Greek, German, and some Hebrew will also be located here. 

LIFE IN LEFT: All other topics of interest, of which there are many, will be organized through the Lutheran In the Left page.  This will enable all those who are queasy with the whole faith and theology thing to avoid uncomfortable ground.  Included here will be my science interests such as: space exploration, global climate change, alternative energy technologies, various engineering topics, and geology.  All non church history interests are primarily early church history in the context of Late Antiquity and the 16th century reformation, especially Martin Luther and Wittenburg.  Recently (2012), as the financial crisis in the western world has continued to unfold in the U.S. and Europe, financial / monetary history and early American history have been added to the reading list.

Soli Deo Gloria.  Maranatha.


Welcome to HOC-EST

“HOC-EST” is the host of the public thoughts and words of

Dr. Mark D. Nispel.

BS Elect. Eng -

Univ. of NE - 1988

MA in Classics -

Univ. of NE - 1997

Ph.D. in History

Univ. of NE - 2003


Our Father, who art in heaven 

I believe in God the Father Almighty

The churches, with common consent among us, do teach