Money and Economics by cornhuskergold

‘cornhuskergold’ is my pseudonym used when I write on money topics.

‘Money’ itself is a very interesting topic when viewed from a human behavior, thought, and language point of view.  People seem to be very prone to ‘hard money’/no debt or ‘soft money’/borrow opinions almost by personality or by nature.  And passions and emotions run very hot on these topics with many people.

‘Gold’ is a very interesting specific topic which can be used to observe how different people react to the topic of money in general. The language of ‘gold standard’ and ‘good as gold’ and similar phrases indicate how deeply ingrained the idea of ‘gold’ is at least at a subconscious level in our culture.  At the same time, the dogma current financial high priests is that gold and hard money are ‘relics’ of a primitive era.  There are so many interesting aspects to this topic.  And of course ‘silver and gold’ provide a verbal stand-in for ‘idol’ in theology so it makes it even more interesting for me.

Aside from all of that, after several years of ongoing personal research and reading, I have no doubt that at the very least we are living in a unusual times in regard to the secular topic of money and economics.  We are seeing major forces at work in the world of economics and finance some of which are attempting to retain the status quo and others that seem to be actively tearing it apart.

“Unsettled times” is a designation almost everyone can agree with to at least some degree.  And analysis of events within this unusual and unsettled period is a hobby of sorts.


by Dr. Mark D. Nispel