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This page is for the distribution of my academic works which deal primarily with topics in early Christianity.

‘Made Without Hands’: An Important Theme in Early Christian Soteriology and Ecclesiology

An unpublished essay.


Christian Deification and the Early Testimonia

Nispel, Mark D. “Christian Deification and the Early Testimonia.” Vigiliae Christianae 53, no. 3 (1999): 289-304.

This is an article published as a journal shortened summary of the argument presented in my MA Thesis.  See reference here.


This is a copy of my dissertation, Jewish / Christian Conflict and Origen’s Use of the Christian Testimonia Proof Text Tradition

See reference at Love Library at the University of Nebraska:


This is my MA Thesis:

Nispel, Mark D. “I Said, ‘You Are Gods'” Salvation as Deification and the Early Patristic Use of Psalm 82. Master’s thesis, 1997.

See reference at Love Library at the University of Nebraska:



by Dr. Mark D. Nispel