This page is for the distribution of my works having primarily to do with Luther or early Lutheranism


Office and Offices Some Basic Lutheran Philology

Mark Nispel. “Office and Offices Some Basic Lutheran Philology.” Logia a Journal of Lutheran Theology VI, no. 3 (1997): 5-12.

This article discusses the ideas and the words associated with concepts such as “office” (Amtofficial) and “function” and “vocation” in Luther and the Lutheran Confessions.  It then discusses the insights from this discussion to the topics of the ministry of the word  and vocation.

Lutheran and Patristic Doctrine_The Keys

Nispel, Mark. “Lutheran and Patristic Doctrine: the Keys as ecclesiae datae and potestas episcoporum.” CONCORDIA JOURNAL 26, no. 2 (2000): 115-137.

This article discusses the terminology used in Lutheran theology to express the relationship between the church and the ministry in relation to the keys of the kingdom of God.

Wittenberg’s University Reforms_1997

Nispel, Mark D. Wittenberg Reforms in the University and the Early Reaction to Copernicus. December 1997. Research Paper for History 931, Lincoln, NE.

This was a paper written for my History of Social Science class in 1997.  It discusses Wittenberg University and the reforms made there by Luther and Melanchthon in relation to the sciences.

Topics include Aristotle, Natural Philosophy, Astronomy / Astrology


That it is not permissible to depose pastors because they sternly rebuke public vice

Translation of: Luther SL 10,1624-1629

Luther, Martin. “Daß Man Seelsorger Darum, Daß Sie öffentliche Laster Hart Strafen, Nicht Absetze Könne.” In Dr. Martin Luthers Sämmtliche Schriften, 1624-629. Vol. 10. St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1892.

This is a translation (Good Friday 2011) of a letter by Luther to a City Council admonishing them in regard to how they treat their pastors.  The source for this translation can be found in Google Books here:


by Dr. Mark D. Nispel