About MDN

I was born in Nebraska in 1966.  My family moved several times as my father worked for Motorola but ultimately back to Nebraska in 1971 when my Father started a business in Kearney.

I graduated high school in 1984, college in 1988.  I was married in 1988.  I have 4 children, Becca, Paul, Luke, Jake.



I enjoy baseball, making delicious eats on my grill and smoker, reading, volleyball, and warm sunny days.  And yes, my children, friends are still overrated.


I have worked full-time as an engineer since 1990, first with Motorola, then with EF Johnson, and now I have my own business, Red Cocoa II, L.L.C.

I started part-time graduate school in 1994, earned my MA in Classics in 1997, and my PhD in ancient / medieval history from the University of Nebraska Lincoln in 2003.  My interests are wide and varied being something of a polymath wanna-bee.  I am interested in languages and have done work in German, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew.  My theological and historical interests encompass the early Christian church, Luther, the Lutheran Confessions, the early Missouri Synod, and so on.

I am interested in the development and usage of technical language used in all kinds of presentation of ideas and theories.  I often apply this interest to the realm of Christian theology.  So my MA thesis and Dissertation both involved early Christian testimonia, which are proof texts taken from biblical sources, used in the early church to support the church’s teaching and confession.  So I am also interested in creedal formulation.  And so in summary, I am especially interested in the expression of the Christian faith with words or language of the church.


by Dr. Mark D. Nispel